Affordable Superchargers For Your Precious Cars

by - Tuesday, August 04, 2009

As usual, I opened my Facebook page after having a delightful breakfast (thank you Bebe for the delicious pancakes). Just like most Facebook users, I took a moment to go through some of my friends' shout updates and newly uploaded photos. I was caught by surprised when a friend of mine residing in Chicago, Illinois posted his recently pimped car on Facebook.

My friend inherited an old Mercedes from his dad a year ago and promised himself to change the paint and some interior parts of the car by the time he would be able to have enough savings for it. After working part time in a restaurant for almost four months, he was then ready to send his car to their family's trusted shop.

Aside from the beautifully repainted body my friend changed the car's airconditioning system. He also specified that he wanted a Mercedes supercharger to improve his car's horsepower. According to him, he was so pleased with the supercharger they purchased because aside from buying it in a reasonable price, the company where they ordered the car parts from offered free shipping and fast delivery and that was what he referred to as "value for his hard earned money". His advice to people who are interested to pimp their vehicles, "Buy your car the Buick Supercharger or the Mercedes Supercharger or the Pontiac Supercharger or whatever supercharger your ride needs. It will surely be worth every penny."

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