At The Stockholm-Arlanda Airport (Sweden)

by - Saturday, August 01, 2009

After two years of not being home in the Philippines, July 1 marked the day of my journey to reunite with my mom, dad, brothers and relatives. The entire travel (Söderhamn by train then bus to Stockholm-Arlanda Airport - Paris, France Airport - Hong Kong, China Airport - NAIA Terminal 3, Metro Manila Philippines Airport) took almost a day and a half. Janne and I were both so exhausted during the whole trip but well... as we told ourselves, "It was all worth it."

Here are some photos taken at the Stockholm-Arlanda Airport in Sweden:

Welcome to Stockholm, Sweden!
On the photo: Maxi waiting patiently to board the plane to Paris (through Air France)
July 1, 2009
On the photo: Janne with one of his favorite tv personalities in Sweden, Felix Herngren at the Stockholm AirportThe Duty Free Shop Gigantic Chupa Chups!Loads of chocolates!The "Gifts and Souvenirs" ShopThe Runway
Stockholm-Arlanda Airport (Sweden) Information:

The airport is located in the Municipality of Sigtuna, Sweden which is near the towns of Märsta and Uppsala.

The airport has four (4) terminals - terminals 2 and 5 for international flights while terminals 3 and 4 for domestic flights. There are a total of 64 gates as of today.

The airport has 35 stores, 33 restaurants, 2 banks, 1 pharmacy, 1 chapel and 3 hotels (located just meters away from the airport).

The restaurants inside the terminals of Arlanda Airport are unfortunately not cheap at all. A piece of advice, if you don't feel like spending money in expensive restaurants inside the Arlanda airport, be sure to bring with you sandwiches, chocolates or packed lunch to keep hunger away while waiting to get on board. As usual, liquid items (sodas, cola, bottled water, etc.) are not allowed to bring inside the terminals. Bottled water costs from SEK (Swedish Crowns) 20 and up, around US$2.50 while softdrinks are priced from SEK30 and more, around US$4.

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  1. I would love to travel to Sweden someday. But I know...the Philippines is the place to be. :)


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