The Blue Man Group In Las Vegas

by - Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I was going through some news online early this morning to check today's headline. As I was jumping from one page to another, I came across a photo of three blue people staring straight at me. I was so curious which was why I clicked on the photo's link at once.

Hmmm.... Blue Man Group? Now I understand. I have gone through some of their videos and I am really impressed with their performances. I love theater acts a lot. I've always wanted to act in plays but I am not always good at it. Watching talented people such as the members of the Blue Man Group is something that can really add a huge smile in my heart. The group is performing twice a day in Las Vegas until December. Blue Man Group Tickets Las Vegas cost about US$100 -137 per person depending on one's choice of seat zone. I really hope that I can fly there with my boyfriend and watch them perform. It will surely be a fun way to do during my upcoming five-day winter break.

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  1. Hi , Maxi! Sorry for visiting you just now. I'm very busy these days. I love theater acts too but have no time watching one live. But every time there's a theater act televised on tv, I'm watching it. I find theater actors a lot more good than movie actors.

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  2. Hey hey hey Maxi ... you've hit upon one of my favs!

    Blue Man Group is one unique act. Interestingly, they know that what works and doesn't work depends on the venue. So their shows vary depending on the venue. I've been lucky to see them twice ... Once in a large outdoor concert venue and once in a small theater in Boston. Enjoyed both, but preferred the small theater the most.

    Thanks for starting my day with this! 8-)

  3. certainly true rossel. whew! how i wish that i can be on an act too. hehe.

    have a great day rossel! ;)

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  4. wow! lucky you frank!

    it was my first time to know about them and got really curious. how i wish that one day i can also see them perform.

    hugs! :)

    Recent blog:=- Maxi's Heavy Friday Eating


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