Carmina's Chat Times With Religious People

by - Thursday, August 20, 2009

Carmina, a friend of mine who lives in Bollnäs (a few miles from my town) has been having difficulties regarding meeting Filipino Christian people like her (and me) as we are not that many here in Sweden. In fact, in the town I am residing right now, I am the only immigrant from the Philippines and I seldom meet Carmina these days.
On the photo: Carmina and me
One of her friends who works in London has introduced her to christian chat online which according to her is free to join. There she meets religious people all over the world to whom she can discuss her faith with anytime of the day. All she needs to do is to log in to her free christian chat account and begin discussions with them.

I am happy that she has finally found people she can freely communicate with especially during the days when I am busy at school.

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  1. thats true, there are less number of filipinos in sweden. Dahil cguro malayo ang sa atin hehe.
    In our town we are only less than 10 people, pero we don't usually meet all at once. ang 3 friends ra nko dri nga silingan mao ray ma meet usahay pag di bc.
    Pero bisag duha lang mo diha happy man sad mo, ok na.


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  2. sarap ng chat noh hehehe

  3. ana jud na te weng. usahay lang jud ta ani kita kita. once in a blue moon. hehe. kamingaw ang friends sa pinas noh?

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  4. hello rose. sarap talaga makipagchat with friends.

    Recent blog:=- Perseverance, Patience And My Baking


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