From Sweden To Paris, France Airport Via Air France

by - Saturday, August 01, 2009

After the long wait at the Arlanda Airport, Janne and I were on our way to Paris, France where we would be sitting at the airport for almost six hours while waiting for our connecting flight to Hong Kong (then to the Philippines). The Sweden-France flight took only 2 hours and 30 minutes which was totally fine for both of us.

We flew via Air France (Flight number AF 2063) to Paris, France.

Negative points: The plane was not that spacious at all. We had difficulties stretching our legs and getting to the toilet (especially to passengers like me who sat right next to a window) and back to our seats. When food was served, our arms didn't have enough space to move which made eating not so comfortable at all.

Positive points: Although I pointed out some numbers of negative information (as stated above), there were many positive points for me to stress out, too. All Air France personnel were friendly and accommodating to each and every passenger of the flight. The meal was served thirty minutes after take off which came really handy to most travelers (like yours truly) who became hungry while waiting to board the plane. The food was delicious. We all had a tray which consisted of their main course, an appetizer, dessert, bread, juice/soda (whichever you prefer), purified/distilled water and unlimited cups of coffee or tea. The entire flight went smoothly (both take-off and landing). Toilets/lavatories were clean and tidy.

Here are some photos taken at the Airport of Paris, France:

Inside Paris Airport departure terminal during daytime
Inside Paris Airport departure terminal during nighttime
At Paris Airport: While waiting for our connecting flight to Hong Kong. Exhausted but excited.
List of Duty Free Shops and Boutiques at the Paris Airport
The Ramp

A few information about the Paris Airport (according to my own experience and personal insights):

Unfortunately, I found some of the airport personnel unfriendly. The first time Janne and I asked for directions regarding which way to take to get us to the terminal, the lady on the information counter told us,"There and read the signs." - No friendly and welcoming gestures at all. When we entered some airport boutiques, attendants seemed to be in an off-mood status which of course, bothered us. I ended up sitting in the waiting area instead

Prices in boutiques were high. Even chips and bottled water were expensive (well you wouldn't care of course if you are rich).

On the positive side, the airport is clean, organized and obviously wonderful especially during the night when the lights on the ceiling are all turned on (refer to the second photo above) to light the entire place. You will not have a hard time looking for restrooms (toilets) as there are many inside the terminal. If you have the money, there are many shops inside the airport for you to spend money on.

Wi-Fi is available inside the Paris Airport with a fee of €10/hour or €30/day.tepuktangan

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