Had A Chat With My Lovely Friends

by - Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's true that I have just arrived from my vacation in Asia almost three weeks ago and yet my inner self is still longing to stay a bit longer. My boyfriend also has the same feeling. Who wouldn't? It's always a wonderful feeling to indulge one's self in a perfect holiday away from worries and responsibilities, isn't it?

After arriving from my first day of school this morning, I fixed lunch, sat down in front of my ever-reliable computer and had a pleasant chat with some of my friends. The asian chat room we logged into was absolutely free so the conversation seemed to be never-ending. My friends and I talked about my Philippine and Hong Kong vacation and my next plan to visit Asia again. The upcoming 2010 or 2011 reunion had been dealt with as well. I am certainly looking forward to it!minum

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