A Tiny Cute Lable Makes A Lot Of Diffence

by - Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I am amazed how dependable Sweden's postal service is. In this world ruled by technology and electronic mails, many in Sweden still rely on the old way of communicating with people around the world. I for one is a common face in the nearest post office in town. Whenever a family member back in my home country or a friend is about to celebrate a special occasion, sending them a little package is what I usually do not only to cheer the recipient up but to make myself feel the joy of giving, too.

One thing that makes my packages or letters look presentable and (of coursesenyumkenyitmalu) cute is my collection of return address labels which I attach on each item I send to people I care about. It is true that it is alright to just write down your name and address on the sender part of the envelop. But let's face it, at times when our penmanship's out of sync, isn't it better to have those cute labels adhered to our packages? I know you want a set or two of your own return address labels too, right?rindu Go hunt for the styles you want, decorate them and place your orders. It's that easy! That's what I am actually doing right now. Have fun with your creations!

Update: Since I love the colors green and pink and I am certainly addicted to polka dots, I've come up with these three ideas on what to have as labels. They're cute, aren't they?
So, how is it in your side of the world. Do you still prefer surprising friends and family with items through post (like I do) or you do everything the e-mail way?

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