The Future Business Card For The Future Business Woman

by - Monday, August 31, 2009

I have been dreaming of running my own pharmacy in the Philippines one day. My boyfriend and I have been discussing the necessary specific details in opening up one. Well, it might take us years to finally open up the what we will soon call "The Drug Shoppe" (of course, only if this business name will still be available during that time), but we will surely make that dream come true.doa

Thinking too much in a "fast forward" mode, rinduI've wanted to create and see what my possible future business card would look like. Hmmm... curious and excited, I Googled some examples of business cards online. I found one where people are allowed to pick from the thousands of layouts to choose from and most importantly to mix and match the letters' fonts, sizes, colors and style. If you are more of an artist, you can even incorporate your own logo or artwork on the card. Since I am not an expert on that matter, I've come up with a simple one for myself:

The address will of course be changed. Hopefully, I will still have that drugstore name imprinted on my business card the day I become "the chief".sembah

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  1. i'm sure your dream will come true. murahan mo lang gamot mo ha para sa yo ako bibili. lol!

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  2. Mary Anne Velasco4 September 2009 at 15:33

    thanks rossel. hmmm. mas mura, the better, diba? ;)

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