Inspiring Masterpieces Of Atroshenko

by - Tuesday, August 11, 2009

As most of you already know, painting is what I consider as one of my favorite hobbies since I have been introduced to it during my second year in highschool. Painting seems to be a boring activity but come to think of it, it is actually a nice way to relax and connect to one's self. It is just like more or less creating a poem or lyrics to a song. You need to reflect first on your inner thoughts and feelings before you can finally create what you can call a "masterpiece of your own".

It is true that I have been painting for years and yet, I still consider myself as an amateur. I have a number of creations I am proud of and yet, there are also many masterpieces (which outnumbers the ones I like) which I feel like in need to be improved. I will surely get back to those pieces when I finally get the time to do so.

Speaking of painting, I have been looking around for some more inspiration over the internet. Fortunately, I found the works of Atroshenko really fascinating. His works are really filled with emotions and life. The lines are so clear and the colors are well chosen. How I wish that one day, I can finally paint like him... at least a bit like him!

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  1. I like that lady painting.

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  2. Hello, Maxi, post mo naman ung mga creations mo dito. :) Musta...

  3. Nice paintings ... and a tribute to the arts. I like thinking about the titles and how those words are displayed in the image. Thanks!

  4. yup. it is truly very nice.

  5. hello ate joji. i will try to one day. hehe.

  6. very nice paintings for sure frank. i hope that one day i can paint like that. whew!


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