Janne And Maxi At The Hong Kong Airport

by - Monday, August 03, 2009

From Arlanda Airport, Sweden to Paris Airport in France, we finally arrived at the Hong Kong airport on the 2nd day of July. Yes, it took us more than a day to get to Hong Kong due to the long waiting hours for our connecting flights.

From Paris to Hong Kong, we flew via Air France. This time, compared to the first plane of Air France (from Sweden to Paris) the plane was more spacious and obviously, bigger offering not only economy class seats but also first class and business class spots for those who could afford to pay for them (hope next time, we'd be comfortably flying on business classsengihnampakgigi). After an hour after take-off, we were served with sumptuous dinner (really superb... yum!tepuktangan). All flight attendants were friendly and were ready to meet all passengers' needs. Because it was a long flight, 12 hours +/-, each passenger was provided with a blanket, pillow, a pair of earplugs and sleeping mask. Everyone on the flight had our own tiny tv set (I guess an 8" screen) located in front of us. We were able to select what to watch as there were loads to select from. There were also games to keep us entertained.

Overall, Janne and I were satisfied flying with Air France and will definitely fly with it again some other time.

Anyway, since Janne and I were both suffering from stuffy nose, we needed to undergo the H1N1 (swine flu) check up after landing on the Hong Kong airport. There weren't many sitting in the clinic so it took us only 10 minutes to get through the whole process and fortunately, we weren't infected with the said flu.penat

We then proceeded to the immigration section, presented our passports and had them stamped, claimed our luggage and then went to the departure floor of the airport building to check-in on our connecting flight to the Philippines via Cebu Pacific. [If you are confused which terminal to go to in the Hong Kong Airport, there's only one departure area and is entirely huge. All the airlines are in one terminal - lines are from A to L (or probably until N), if I am not mistaking.]---Refer to the first photo below.

As I've mentioned above the Hong Kong Airport is lovely and huge. There are many boutiques, shops (Duty free) and restaurants all over the place. Unlike in Paris airport, items for sale inside the airport of Hong Kong are not expensive at all. Eating in restaurants and food chains are also affordable. Prices are more or less the same priced the same like food places in Hong Kong.

There are also many Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) so withdrawing money for you will never be a problem.

Wi-Fi is entirely free inside the terminal of Hong Kong Airport.

Below are some photos taken inside the Hong Kong Airport terminal (click photos to enlarge):

on the photo: the lines from A to G inside the terminal departure area in Hong Kong Airport
on the photo: Janne with our luggage prior to checking in for our Cebu Pacific flighton the photo: The Shopping and Dining Directory inside the Hong Kong Airport (Departure Area)on the photo: Hello Kitty stuffs are just pretty and adorable. Hello Kitty luggage inside the terminal costs from HK$900 and above while Hello Kitty bags are priced from HK$300 up depending on the size.on the photo: Choose from the many Restaurants and Food Chains inside the Hong Kong terminal to satisfy your tastebuds.

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