Maxi's Restaurant City Addiction - Update #1

by - Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Five days ago, I created a post here in my blog about my newly found addicting game on Facebook, Restaurant City. I was at Level 7 back then . This morning, I was able to reach the 14th level which brought so much help to my restaurant as I was able to already hire 7 friends.

As of this morning, my restaurant has 4 cooks, 2 waitresses and 1 waiter (who sometimes does the cleaning, too when necessary). All my dishes are now on Level 2. I am still trying hard to level them up to the next stage but ingredients are so difficult to find and trading seems to be next to impossible at times. I am quite please with the development and that even if it's not a real restaurant, I somehow feel successful. At least now I know that I am not too retarded when it comes to computer gaming like this one.menari

I am also thankful to those who have helped me have The Resto' Block established (Ate Gina who is Bill's loving wife and Julius who is a facebook and a farm town pal). Without your help, my place would have still been crawling up to this moment. So thanks a lot guys!

Anyway, here are two snapshots of The Resto' Block:

Level 14: 4 cooks, 2 waitresses 1 cleaner (who waiters at times, too). Popularity has almost reached 50. Perfect popularity at 50.0. The feeling was so great upon seeing this one!
As of the moment, my staff and crew are continuously working hard to reach the next level. We will soon get there somehow.

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  1. You Have a vey nice Blog!!
    Phil In California :) ;)

  2. hmm...di ko pa na try yan...nako baka pag inopen ko accnt ko dun..at nakita ko yan ma-addict din ako.hihihi.

    Recent blog:=- MY BETTER HALF (TAG)

  3. hello Phil. i appreciate your visit here today. thanks a lot!

    i hope that you will drop by here again and leave your link so i can visit your blog, too.

    have a nice day and stay happy!

    Recent undefined:=-

  4. haha! oo nga meryl... baka maaddict ka agad. naku! hirap kumawala eh. hehe.

    Recent blog:=- Liposinol™

  5. nkaka addict tlga ang mga games sa PESBOK, anyway girl hindi pa ako buntis next year pa ang plano nmin :-D.

    Recent blog:=- Finally got my sneakers


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