Maxi's Restaurant City Addiction

by - Thursday, August 13, 2009

Janne is away for two days and one night (from this morning) to attend an overnight get together with his fellow teachers in a village unreached by electricity. He has just given me a call minutes ago to let me know that everything's doing great and that all of them are having fun. (Miss you Bebe!)

Since my boyfriend's away until tomorrow afternoon, I sense boredom knocking onto my brain. I have done nothing today but cook lunch and dinner for myself, take a shower and sit in front of the computer. Due to my today's laziness, I promise myself to wake up early tomorrow to clean a bit (only a bit) and do the dishes before Janne comes home or else the apartment will be so much of a mess... and when I say a "mess", it's really chaotic!

Anyway, aside from creating a few posts on my blog, visiting some friends' pages, Friendstering and checking my email the entire day today, I have been on Facebook a lot as well. Browsing through my friends' activities for today on Facebook, I've noticed three who are into Restaurant City. Just like most of you (I presume), I have joined Restaurant City months ago due to a friend's invitation. However, just after the very first day, I have decided to stop playing as I have encountered difficulties figuring out what to do with the game. But well... this afternoon after seeing those three friends who are still enjoying Restaurant City, I've made up my mind to at least check it out again and see if my brain functions well enough to understand every feature of the game.

Luckily, after 10 minutes of uninterrupted concentration, I have finally realized how easy the whole game is! Just like most things in life, a little bit of patience is the main ingredient to enjoy the "this and that" of my existence.

Anyway, after five hours (or six - can't remember well) of continuous "Restaurant Citying", I am at the moment on Level 7. I have two cooks and two waitresses to help me run my restaurant which I baptized as "The Resto' Block" (Edit: just an hour ago I leveled up and was able to hire another cook). Just to make it clear, I haven't been staring at the game for the entire time. All I need to do is to keep the game running on Windows and feed my crew at least every after 3 hours - that's how simple it is!

Anyway, here's a snapshot of my restaurant at the moment: (click photo to enlarge)
If you are feeling tired or stressed or just want to do something today without leaving home, try logging into your Facebook account, become one of us and own a restaurant yourself!

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  1. Hi Maxie i have a restaurant also but i dont go there anymore. Hahahahaha just dont have the time. My wife opens it every once in a while. She likes that and farm town. She is addicted also. Have a great weekend my dear friend. :)

  2. really bill? that's great. maybe your wife and i can be neighbors. hehe. would she be open to adding me or me adding her as a friend on facebook? hope so.. :)

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  3. i am sure that she would do that . I will ask her today and then she can add you ok. :)

  4. that sounds great, Bill! thanks a lot! See you around!

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  5. Hi, I'm a resto city addict too! that and pet society. they are so much fun. :)

    Recent blog:=- hay stressful..

  6. hello gie! i haven't tried pet society but will surely do that one day. hugs!


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