Maxi's Saturday Night

by - Saturday, August 15, 2009

I am at the moment here in my boyfriend's mom's place. Janne and I have had dinner with mom Lena and her boyfriend hours ago. It has been delightfully yummy. Coffee and chocolate striped cookies have been a great pair during our chat time.

As now, Janne, mom Lena and Ronny are playing cards in the kitchen while I am continuously enjoying a sumptuous unlimited pieces of yummy cookies and glasses of Coke in front of me while blogging a little.

Time check: 10:53PM and we might go home anytime soon. I just want to say, "Good night everyone! I hope we all have had a wonderful Saturday."

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  1. sounds like a fun Saturday spent...

    Good night lovely maxi! :)

    Recent blog:=- I'm In LOVE with YOU EACH and EVERY DAY

  2. Hi Maxi!:)

    I hope you had a great Saturday night!

    Have a great Sunday and week ahead my dear blugging friend! Hugs! ;) :)

  3. hope you had a great weekend!
    the thought of having coffee and chocolate striped cookies made me feel so comfortable,
    i wanna join as well. =)

    Recent blog:=- wild cat: bobcat..

  4. Sounds you had an easy-going Saturday night. At the equivalent time of your time check, we were on our way home from an evening of ballroom dance.

  5. hello skippy! it was surely fun! :)

    Recent undefined:=-

  6. hello blugging 'd!

    you have fun, too, okey?!!!

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  7. ohh. come and join us levian. we don't have anything left but i can bake some for you!

    Recent blog:=-

  8. hello Frank. yup. i sure did have an easy-going saturday night.

    ballroom dance? wow. i used to do ballroom dancing but not anymore. wish to do it again if ever given the chance. ;)

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