My Boyfriend's Bank Card Issues During Our Asian Trip

by - Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It is indeed cool to have two or more credit cards with you especially when traveling. It is not just cool. It is actually a smart way to travel to avoid possible card issues while away from your country or state. You'll never know when you'll be needing the extra card/s!

During our Philippine and Hong Kong vacation, my boyfriend's card unfortunately didn't work at all in both countries. He tried many times to consult the bank regarding the issue but received a negative reply that the problem could only be fixed by the time we are back here in Sweden. The problem was detected days later. It turned out that the card's magnet (you know, the black stripe at the back part of the card) was no longer functioning and we couldn't figure out why it happened in the first place.

The good thing was my card's balance was in good condition. Otherwise, the vacation could have been a nightmare.

Anyway, although we did some shopping here and there and visited wonderful places (which obviously crave money) we tried to have fun within our planned financial limit. We didn't want to end up searching for "How To File For Bankruptcy" tips and advices after our Asian trip.

I had a friend who traveled in most countries in Asia for the past years and had been "swiping" a lot. He claimed that he tried to discipline himself but most of the times had failed to do so. After his last Singapore tour, he had been asking friends about Debt Settlement Companies which could possibly hand him his needed Credit Card Debt Help. After looking around for some time, he luckily found one company to keep him financially stable after the disaster he had caused to himself. He regreted being so compulsive about his travel decisions and had learned some valuable lessons (I hope so).

Fast forward: We are now back to Sweden. My boyfriend's bank already sent him a new functioning card four days ago. What a relief!

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  1. Your boyfriend's cards might have been placed too near to an electronic device i.e. cellphone. This is the usual cause of that problem. You know, magnets and computers don't jive well together. Place a magnet near a computer and you erase everything in it. Same holds true for credit cards. :)


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