On Finding The Right Web Hosting Provider

by - Saturday, August 01, 2009

Even if my body's energy is not yet back after the long trip home to Sweden from the Philippines and Hong Kong, my system's telling me to get back into blogging again - something I really miss doing for a month while being away from Bloggerville.

Anyway, just a couple of hours after arriving in our apartment, I went straight to my computer and checked my inbox. Since I only checked my email once a week while on vacation which was reason enough for the number of my unread mails to surprise me. Aside from notices, emails from friends and advertising inquiries, I also received three lovely messages from three of my friends who own their own blogs. Aside from the "hello" and "how do you do?" lines, they were also asking me for an advice regarding which web hosting provider to choose from since they were ready to have their own blog domains.

I've been blogging for more than a year now and as per experience, I've replied to my friends telling them to check vbulletin web hosting and find out for themselves the top 10 web hosting companies as of 2009. There, they can compare prices, services and go through some reviews which are from independent web hosting customers of each provider. Aside from being able to assess better which company will render them the right services my friends need, they will also be able to search for blogging and SEO tips which will surely be useful for their blogs to succeed over the internet.

I just hope that my friends (and you of course) have found my reply to their mails serving some purpose for their queries.

Happy blogging everyone!

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