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by - Tuesday, August 25, 2009

If in case you are wondering why I haven't been updating this blog everyday since Friday, wonder no more. Aside from being a busy schoolgirl, I have been busy fixing my new blog as well. Due to my desire to share to my readers what I (Maxi) mostly do during my free time, I've come up with an idea to name my baby blog: "The Pastime Shelf". During the weekend, I've been able to dedicate a little of my time fixing the layout, the header, the signature and the badge of my new blog. I still have not purchased a domain but will surely do within a couple of weeks.

Anyway, I hope that you will also welcome my new blog the way you've welcomed Ovah' Coffee and Home and Health Pages. Thanks a lot for continuously supporting my online journals. I will surely appreciate exchanging links with you. Just beep me in any way possible and I'll surely make the exlinks happen.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

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  1. Cacai M. {www.cacainadjourney.com}26 August 2009 at 00:48

    Congrats on your new blog Maxi.. I will be heading there now.. :*

  2. cool! e-add ko din yung blog na yun sa links ko. :)

    have a lovely day, lovely maxi!

  3. hi maxi, how are you? productive ka masyado kasi dami mo na blog...anyway, good luck sa new blog and stay happy :-D :-D :-D

    Recent blog:=- Wise Buying Of Food

  4. Hi Maxi! :)

    Thanks for letting me know about your new site. The title is catchy, too.

    Anyway, I'll definitely add it to my Friend's Link List.

    Best wishes my dear bluggin' friend! ;) :)

  5. thanks 'cai for the support! happy naman ako :)

    Recent blog:=- Perseverance, Patience And My Baking

  6. thanks s'heart! will add your blog din there. kahapon ko lang naayos yung blogroll corner. whew! hirap din mag set up ng blog ... hehe :)

    Recent blog:=- Perseverance, Patience And My Baking

  7. thanks jodi! di naman ganun ka productive. hehe. thanks jodi!

    Recent blog:=- Perseverance, Patience And My Baking

  8. thanks blugging 'd! i had difficulties setting up the blog but i guess i am able to fix everything needed anyway. will try and put a chatbox today there.

    thought of the title myself. hehe.

    thanks blugging 'd!

    Recent blog:=- Perseverance, Patience And My Baking


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