The Sky Garden at SM City North EDSA

by - Thursday, August 06, 2009

Visiting and shopping at SM City North EDSA was one of my favorite past times whenever I got the chance to visit my dad in Manila mainly due to the reason that the mall was located just a few minutes away by taxi or jeepney from my dad's place. When I left the Philippines, only the City Center of SM City Nort EDSA was 100% opened for business (and has been for many years). The Block just opened and still had so many unopened boutiques and shops back then (early in 2007).

Even before my 2009 Philippine vacation, Mark has mentioned many times already about the great developments of my favorite mall (SM City North EDSA). He has also insisted that I should visit the mall's Sky Garden even if it's not as enormous as the ones they have in TriNoma and SM Mall of Asia.

During our first day in Manila, Janne, my mom, Mark and I visited the newly developed and widened mall and of course, the Sky Garden. Just like my brother has told me, it wasn't that big but the garden was worth visiting.

The Sky Garden (launched on May 29, 2009) is a relaxing place to unwind. It has many tiny food stores which sell kakanin (Filipino desserts), cotton candies, hotdogs (on sticks or in hotdog buns), waffles, popcorn and more. There are also many restaurants serving different varieties of cuisines (barbecue, Mexican, seafood, etc.) to match your taste buds' desires. Resto Bars such as Agave and Padi's Point are opened even after midnight.

Below are some photos I've taken while we were there. It has been already after 10PM which is why there aren't much people in the garden anymore.

You never have to worry about transportation during nighttime as numbers of taxis are waiting for you downstairs.

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  1. Sky Garden seems like a beautiful place, so thanks for sharing.

    By the way, it's interesting how you have popped into my mind twice in recent days. First, on the passing of Corazon Aquino ... Secondly on the role the Swedish Embassy played in the release of the two US journalist by North Korea. Both moments are those that bring tears to people somewhere.

    Recent undefined:=-

  2. hello Frank. yup. sky garden is really a nice and beautiful place. you're welcome...

    oh. is that so? i was saddened about the death of our late president corazon aquino. she was still confined in the hospital while we were in the philippines. i learned about her death two days after arriving here in sweden. such a good person to lose. may she rest in peace.

    about the role of the Swedish embassy in the release of the two US journalis by North Korea, that is something i need to read about. thanks for informing me about it frank.

    glad to know that the tiny little me has poped into your mind twice! i hope i has not bugged you so much. hehe.

    hugs! :)

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