Söderhamn's Cruisin' 2009

by - Wednesday, August 12, 2009

For the first time since the day I flew back to Sweden (since July 31), I went out on Saturday, 8th of August with Janne to watch Thessa (one of Janne's nicest friendskenyit) and her band's gig in Söderhamn's Stadsparken. The weather was extremely hot as the sun cooked the audience with its unbelievable 32 degrees Celsius power.encem

Despite of the feeling of being like inside of an oven, The Marshalls (the group's name) was able to cheer up the crowd. Whew! Thanks The Marshallstepuktangan!

The Marshalls consisting of Theresa/Thessa Gustafsson - Vocals, Catharina Spencer - Vocals, Jens Spencer - Drums, Robert Andersson - Guitar, Håkan Einarsson - Bass Guitar
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.... and presenting Thessa ...
Anyway, August 8, 2009 was Söderhamn's Cruisin' Day when American Cars (both old and new) got displayed in the town's park for the whole day for people to admire (and envyrindu).

Cruisin' actually is a yearly event which most people look forward to. However yearly it is, it has been my first time to be there due to many unacceptable reasons. Well, at least, it's not too late for me to bring myself there on a hot Saturday afternoon.

The event sounds boring and is unappreciated by some. But if you are the type of person who isn't so hard to please, once you're there, you'll be awed hahwith the old and yet very pretty designed cars. There isn't much to do but to look around and wonder how much they are now worth. Of course, owners are standing proudly right next to their cars and are very much willing to answer to your every question. To people who are mechanic and engine minded, you can also take a peep under the hood and discuss your thoughts with the owners if you wish. You can also take unlimited photos if you want to.

Some of the Söderhamn's Cruisin' 2009 Photos
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