Those Relaxing Massage Chairs I So Want To Have

by - Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I have been having back and leg pains for the past weeks. Half of me wants to blame it on my age and half of me refuses to accept the fact that body aches are one of the early signs of old age. My boyfriend have given me a relaxing shoulder and leg massage right before going to bed yesterday. I've been able to sleep like a baby. It surely is a wonderful feeling to be pampered!

Today, just hours after coming back home from school, I am beginning to feel the pain again. How I wish that I could call my boyfriend and demand him to come home early from his job just to massage my shoulders until I fall asleep. Just the thought of it makes me want to call him right now. Oh no!I recall those times when my boyfriend keeps on advising me to check out some Massage Chairs which can possibly cater on my daily back and leg massage needs. A simple massage can easily ease away my stress and muscle aches. We both think that having at least one here in our tiny apartment is a good idea as it will benefit not only me but my boyfriend as well. How I wish I have one right at this very moment and enjoy a comfortable massage I desire!

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  1. i so wanna have this too! :D

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  2. i understand your desire. really great for us!

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  3. Massage chairs aren't as good as a real massage though. If your aches are serious maybe you should get it looked at. Maybe it's a symptom of some underlying condition, (bruxism perhaps, - are you stressed?) or bad posture etc.. You might benefit from stretching, maybe even taking up yoga!

    I hope you start to feel better!

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