You Are A Filipino If (Ip)...

by - Saturday, August 29, 2009

Are you a Filipino? What are the different obvious indications to prove that you really are a Filipino?

If not, do know anyone from the Philippines? How can you say that they really are Filipinos?

You are a Filipino if:
  • you prefer Friendster instead of Facebook or at least have been a Friendster addict once in your life.
  • you turn around immediately whenever someone says,"Psst!" .

  • the word "Hoy!" is always in your vocabulary.

  • you point with your lips (like I usually do) and not with your fingers.
  • you feel comfortable walking down the street even if there are naked people around you.

  • your family and friends always gather together somewhere only to watch Manny Pacquiao's fights.

  • you put your hand together in front of you before passing in the middle of a huge crowd and say,"Excuse. Excuse. Excuse", until you finally have gotten through.

  • a meal will always be incomplete without rice.

  • you love to eat without using tablespoon and fork.

  • you do the "appear" (high five) gesture while laughing with your friends or family.

  • you say "prigider or ref" instead of refrigerator or fridge.

  • you love pronouncing EP (F) or FI (P) and Bi (V) or Vi (B) and vice versa.
    Example1: I lab the pud so much. Pantastik!
    Example2: Vaket vah, hah?
    Example3: I am a Pilifino!
    Example4: Do you hab a Peysbook account? Can we bi prends?
    Example5: Pipty Payb Fesos

  • Goldilocks is not just a fairytale for you. It's one of your favorite bakeshops!

  • at least once in your life, "Otso otso" has been playing in your brain 24 hours a day.

  • you are rarely on time.

  • you can at least sing.

  • you have either Wow Magic Sing or Ziller O (what I have) at home. If not, at least you want to own one.

  • you choose to add hotdogs in your spaghetti.

  • you support Black Eyed Peas, The Pussycat Dolls and Sugababes just because each group has one member who is half-Pinoy.

  • you do not mind drinking softdrinks in a plastic bag with a straw.

  • you love "ube" flavoured ice cream.

  • you prefer instant coffee instead of brewed.

  • you make a square on the air with your thumbs and fingers when asking for the bill.

  • you prefer staying under the shade instead of being under the sun.

  • you nod backwards (usually with eyebrows stretch upwards) when you mean yes.

  • you scratch your head when you don't know the answer to a question or when you're confused.

  • you either support WoWoWee or Eat Bulaga and most of the time, get into confrontations because of these two tv shows.

  • you love "picture picture".

  • you do the pa-cute pose senyumkenyit at least 99% of the time.

  • when you're in the Philippines, you wish you're living somewhere outside the Philippines. But when you're living somewhere outside the Philippines, you wish you're living in the Philippines.
This is Maxi. Signing off for today saying,"I am froud to vi Finoy! I hofe you are, too! Feace!"

Note: This post is entirely created for fun and not to insult my fellow Filipinos. I am honestly proud to be Pinoy! Peace!peace

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  1. Wah lab it :) ispisiali d las wan hehehe...

    Recent blog:=- Woman :P

  2. he! he! good one!
    I may not relate to most on the list, but just like what you said, I am also froud to vi Finoy by heart and by soul! ;)

    o diba, MABUHAY! :)

    Recent blog:=- To KNOW YOU is TO LOVE YOU

  3. hello Maxi! :* :* hehe this is interesting :) ;)

    Recent blog:=- Flash Away!

  4. Mary Anne Velasco30 August 2009 at 16:36

    haha! you made me laugh shy! :)

    Recent blog:=- Restaurant City: What Happens To The Seed I've Planted?

  5. Mary Anne Velasco30 August 2009 at 16:36

    yup. we can't related to everything on my list. hehe. we're proud pinoys!

    Recent blog:=- Restaurant City: What Happens To The Seed I've Planted?

  6. Mary Anne Velasco30 August 2009 at 16:36

    thanks Monica. sure interesting. but Pinoys are really wonderful people, too!

    Recent blog:=- Restaurant City: What Happens To The Seed I've Planted?

  7. the word hoy is always in your vocabulary, true sis..i am a filipino and i'm proud of it

    Recent undefined:=-

  8. Of course I was waiting for pa-cute to appear ... thus love the fact that you included it at the end. So from what I can gather, you eat hot-dog spaghetti with your hands. Now that would be a pa-cute picture!

    So what is "ube" ice cream?

  9. Pinoy din ako... although i rarely get late... i love the ref line... i always tell my husband ref then after few seconds i will add...frigerator....lol

    Recent blog:=- Stir Fry Chicken with Mushroom and Broccolli

  10. Mary Anne Velasco31 August 2009 at 16:31

    i am not really using hoy. but i know lots of pinoy friends who do. hehe.

    have a great day jodi!

    Recent blog:=- Baking Soda As An Exfoliant

  11. Mary Anne Velasco31 August 2009 at 16:32

    haha!pa-cute is a trademark of most pinoys... something we are happy about.

    haha. i have never tried eating spaghetti with bare hands. yayks!seems to be so difficult. hehe.

    ube ice cream? well, i will tell you in another post and show you some photos. promise!


    Recent blog:=- Baking Soda As An Exfoliant

  12. Mary Anne Velasco31 August 2009 at 16:34

    i used to say ref, too. my boyfriend used to laugh at me as he always think of "ref" as the referee in football matches. now, i say the swedish word. hehe.

    i rarely get late, too. takot ako malate! hehe.

    Recent blog:=- Baking Soda As An Exfoliant


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