The Cute PaPeRo!

by - Sunday, September 13, 2009

Name: PaPeRo (Partner-type Personal Robot)

History and Specifications:

NEC Corporation, a Japanese company began developing a robot sometime in 1997 which they later named in 2001 as PaPeRo.

PaPeRo is about 40 centimeter tall and weighs 5 kilograms. It can recognize approximately 3,000 words and can also therefore say 3,000 words. PaPeRo is also programmed to remember persons' voices. With a built-in stereoscopic device, PaPeRo can recognize the face of up to 30 individuals it meets.

Communicating with PaPeRo is way cute! It can provide you with certain information as it is attached to the internet. You can also ask him questions (just simple ones of course) and PaPeRo will respond to your queries. Its mood changes from time to time, too. There are instances when you will be facing a jolly, sad, lazy or tired PaPeRo. A happy PaPeRo will surely dance and sing for you!

Here's a video demonstration showcasing the many things PaPeRo can do:

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