Maxi's Sponge Cake With Creamy Sweet and Sour Chocolate Topping

by - Saturday, September 12, 2009

I have once mentioned in one of my posts on my other blog that I am into baking for more than a year now. Baking brings out the creativity in me. I also enjoy sitting down... eating what I've baked. There is no better feeling than taking bites of the delicious desserts you've baked yourself, isn't it?

My mixer overheated three months ago and I had no time to return it together with its warranty card. Three days ago, my boyfriend and I (together with his two younger siblings) drove to a shop where we purchased a new handmixer for our kitchen. It wasn't much but the mixer was able to put a smile on my face. So, because it is a Saturday today, I've decided to put my new mixer to work. I've baked a sponge cake with chocolate filling and of course, creamy chocolate topping. It is inside the fridge as of the moment while I am patiently waiting for it to cool down. 10 to 15 minutes from now, I will be satisfying my taste buds and appetite with a luxurious slice of chocolate cake I've baked myself.

Anyway, I will be sharing the recipe one day soon. (update: you can now check the recipes of both the cake and the chocolate topping here)

Have a delicious Saturday everybody!

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