Missing Penong's Seafood And Barbecue Grill Restaurant, Davao City, Philippines

by - Tuesday, September 22, 2009

One thing we weren't able to do while on our 2009 Philippine vacation was dining at Penong's Seafood and Barbecue Grill Restaurant or simply Penong's --- my favorite barbecue house in Davao City. The most obvious reason why we missed going there was because we only had the chance to stay in Manila. Since we only had three weeks to stay in the Philippines and spending time with my family (who resides in Manila) was more of what I wanted to do, flying to Davao had not been an option during that time.

While chatting to Nets (one of my best friends in junior high) on Facebook yesterday, we reminisced our good times together. Everytime we decided to meet up somewhere in downtown Davao, we always ended up having dinner at Penong's (located in front of NCCC Mall in Matina) before finally bidding each other farewell.

Penong's is one affordable place to dine in. Noone can beat their chicken and barbecue meals (priced at Php50 to 55 each) which come with bottomless rice. Yes! They offer their guests "eat all you can rice". All you have to do is to clap twice and a friendly guy carrying a rice warmer will head to your table and refill your plate with rice.

The last time Nets and I had been to Penong's was sometime during the first week of February 2007. I paid our bill which was about Php129 (around USD4) including a bottle of 7 Up for Nets and Pepsi for me.

on the photo below: while waiting for my order to be delivered on our table. I was so hungry at this time.
on the photo below: finally! Yum! It's worth the wait!
on the photo below: Nets ready to grab her first bite!
We will definitely visit Penong's the next time we fly to the Philippines!!!

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  1. Hey Maxi! :)

    Nice photos of you my friend! I recall many times how you are with food. Maybe next time you should let the waiter/waitress know that you're a BWE performer, and you would get your food faster(especially by threatening them with your Maximizer finishing move, lol). Hehehe. Or put your blugging skills to the test at restaurants. Hehehe.

    From reading this as well as other blogger friends from Davao, it seems it is an ideal for good restaurants. Thanks for sharing my very dear blugging friend! :)

  2. i wish Penong's will come to Manila

  3. Yup. I wish that, too since I rarely visit Davao when I am back home. It would be nice to have Penong's in Manila.


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