Planning On Buying My Third Pair Of Prescription Glasses Online

by - Saturday, September 05, 2009

The very day my optometrist has relayed to be the bad news about my vision, I became a bit upset. Just going to the eye clinic alone cost me a sparkling SEK350 (Swedish crowns) so I began to wonder how much a pair of prescription glasses would be. I got no choice during that time but to order a pair at once at the nearest optical shop. Otherwise, I would go on suffering from too much headache especially when reading book and sitting in front of my desktop. I wouldn't dare to mention the price my boyfriend paid for my first pair but it did cost a lot.

A month later as I was going through one of my friends' blog, I read about the $8 Rx eyeglasses she bought for her husband. Since I already had a pair that time, I didn't pay much attention anymore to the cheap glasses' site.

Months had passed when my boyfriend and I decided to fly to the Philippines for our three-week vacation. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring alone with me my eyeglasses and was forced to buy another pair in a mall in Manila which was again an expensive pair.

By the time we flew back here to Sweden, I began advising myself,"Start thinking on how you can start spending smart and save more for your future." After pondering for awhile, i thought of buying another pair online. I thought that having three pairs would be handy for me. The first pair I could wear at home, the other pair placed inside my everyday bag and the other one I could keep as a reserve.
Looking around, I've found three of my favorite high fashion eyeglasses to choose from (refer to the photos above). I will be needing some serious thinking on which one to get. Whew! Tough decision making for me later!

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  1. oi sis, nanghinayang ba? hehehe, ok lang yan buti at may site na pede mo mapuntahan para sa mga ganyan aspect..

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  2. Mary Anne Velasco8 September 2009 at 14:59

    hello jodi. di naman nanghihinyang. hehe. sana lang i took a look nang mas maaga para mas napamura. hehe.

    but it's truly good to have extra pairs of glasses. you'll never know!

    ingat ka lagi.

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  3. Well...I dunno...they all look a bit pricey
    Maybe check out where I shop


    I go to budget eyewear and they're super high quality and affordable! :)

  4. Mary Anne Velasco9 September 2009 at 18:54

    thanks for the info and for dropping by here.

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