Purchased A Domain For The Pastime Shelf And Made A Mess

by - Wednesday, September 09, 2009

If you were wondering why I wasn't able to blog hop yesterday was because my boyfriend purchased a domain for The Pastime Shelf (Of course, not his fault. Something just went deeply wrong). However, after the purchase, something went wrong with the old URL www.thepastimeshelf.blogspot.com of The Pastime Shelf as I could no longer access it. I couldn't trace the problem but all I understood was that once I had paid for the domain, blogspot.com would still be there and that my readers would be redirected to the new domain --- but that didn't happen. All I got was a "start all over again" blog.

Okey, so I got a domain but the entire layout, the posts, the followers and the blogroll WERE GONE. I was confused but couldn't do anything. I started from scratch again before going to bed last night. I was so happy that I was able to save the code of my layout and all the posts I created in my Word document. I only needed to cut and paste everything and the blog seemed to be back to normal except for one thing --- my blogroll was still missing!

I am so sorry about the mess. If we have exchanged links before with The Pastime Shelf, please change the URL of my blog to www.thepastimeshelf.com as the old www.thepastimeshelf.blogspot.com is no longer working nor redirecting to the new domain. Of course, do not forget to message me about it so I can add your blog also to my blogroll.

I deeply appreciate all the support you have given me and sorry for the mess. I am trying to fix up everything as soon as possible. Thank you for understanding.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

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  1. Wow! I was completely unaware of this happening to you. Glad you were able to salvage this problem and not have anything else bad happen.

    Will be swinging by your other blogs now my dear blugging friend! :)

  2. i got toally confused 'd. couldn't figure out at first what to do. good thing i remembered that i saved the HTML code of my entire template and all the posts were saved in Word so everything went well. although the followers and the blogroll vanished and couldn't retrieve the links at all. :'(

    but everything's fine now. whew!

    have a great day blugging 'd!

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  3. :-D, this incident was same as mine Maxi.. the difference is that I didn't use my first domain anymore.. and this domain I have now is the second which is what I use. Good luck to your new domain. I will then update your url, will you add mine too?

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