Beautiful Dresses Of Gypsy 05 Clothing

by - Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Just a couple of weeks from now, December is already here which means I need to prepare for so

many upcoming parties my boyfriend and I will be attending to. As early as today, I am already slowly buying dresses online to make sure that I will not be wearing the same dress from one party to another. I have gone through some selections of Gypsy 05 clothing and found three beautiful maxi dresses (please refer to the photos to your right). The blue one is my favorite. It looks elegant and sexy. Just what I exactly need!

I will be showing these photos to my boyfriend by the time he arrives from work to ask for his opinion. He will surely agree on my choices so we'll see which of these three I will be getting hold of soon.

I have already confessed to my readers that aside from pink, I am also very much attracted to green. I am not sure though if green looks good on me but I do not really care about that. Anyway, so while flipping through some of the Gypsy 05 collection of dresses on the M.Fredric online store, I somehow have bumped into a green hoodie/sweatshirt which my inner "greed" have suddenly made me want to have it, too. Well, I guess one more piece will not hurt the budget so much so I am thinking (and hoping) of purchasing the green hoodie, too. Sometimes I just wish that I have all the money in the world.... Don't you?

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