Date Magnets --- One Great Idea!

by - Monday, November 02, 2009

With the very hectic schedule I have been having for the past months, I have missed out on so many occasions which I am supposed to attend to. Most of my friends send me invitations about birthday, wedding, anniversaries, and the so-many-other types of parties through email. Honestly, these days, I seldom check my email and if I do, I usually have the tendency to not jot down on paper some dates I need to pay attention to.
The idea of sending friends "save the date magnets", a type of invitation (or reminder for forgetful and busy people like me) which I can attach on my fridge's door is a two-thumbs up for me! I mean, I open up my fridge everyday (a lot of times each day actually) which will surely be the best way of reminding me about special dates and occasions.

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