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by - Sunday, November 08, 2009

I was going through my cabinets yesterday afternoon to organize my things. The last time I did this was about two months ago. Everything seemed to be so chaotic and mixed up which made me decide that it was finally time for me to take some action.

I sorted my clothes --- separated my dresses from blouses and shirts, folded each item and placed them neatly in their designated areas. I also did the same thing with my skirts, blouses and shorts. The last thing I did was to check the closet where I stored my bags. I counted them and was surprised that I had over 20 pieces of bags since the day I arrived here in Sweden in June of 2007.

Just like most women, I love to collect bags of different sizes, colors and shapes. I like to go out bringing a bag with me which is perfect for a certain occassion and matches my outfit. It makes me feel more confident inside out.

The last time I've purchased a bag has been during my vacation in the Philippines more than three months ago. I believe that it is time for me to hunt for new bags again!

I usually hunt for bags online where I can find so many choices. As of the moment, Handbago is where I go to when checking for designer handbags. Shopping bags online is never difficult with Handbago. Aside from the wide array of designer handbags, I can also check different celebrity handbags to feed my curiosity.

Do you have a particular favorite handbag designer? You can easily check your designer's collection with a single click on your mouse. Do you wish to buy a new bag but just can't decide which one to go for? You can also ask for advice from a handbag stylist at Handbago. How cool is that?

Another good thing about Handbago are the handbag reviews where you can freely go through different comments from customers. Reviews are one of the best ways where one can get helpful tips in making decisions.

If you are in the look for what's new and what's hot, check also Handbago's Handbag Blog for more bag buzz, information, tips and hints!

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