Holiday Costume Hunting

by - Monday, November 02, 2009

My boyfriend and I were both not feeling well during the Halloween break. Instead of being out with friends and family partying, we were at home trying to rest and be healthy again. Although we were not able to join the fun, my boyfriend and I had a great time looking at photos of friends wearing their best halloween costumes. We could see in their faces how much Halloween fun we missed out this year. But well, there was nothing we could do but to hope that our bodies would be in a healthy state next year so we could also enjoy Halloween 2010!

Anyway, since Halloween is no longer here, it is time to look forward to the upcoming Christmas celebration. It is soon time for the Christmas holiday costume hunt! I am now wondering what character I will be getting myself into. Perhaps an elf? How about Rudolph? Snowman? Why not a penguin? Oh... I guess I know which costume I am interested in wearing... I want to be a polar bear! Polar bears are huggable (just the costume of course and not the real one) and cute! I want to be cute and huggable, too even if only during the Christmas season.
I can't wait to be the most adorable polar bear on Christmas Day!

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