My iPhone's Screen Protector

by - Sunday, November 08, 2009

From the day my iPhone was delivered to me (it was on the 16th of September), I promised myself that I would take good care of it. My boyfriend was so supportive about my aim on keeping it scratch-free for as long as possible so he ordered a screen protector online which arrived some days later.

The screen protector only came with a tiny looking towel and nothing more. It was a bit disappointing since I thought that the seller would at least attach even a tiny piece of "how to install" instruction with the order. Well anyway, eager as I was to have the protector on my iPhone, I immediately applied it onto my phone's screen. It didn't work right the first and second tries. The first try was a total mess as I had problems aligning the screen right with the phone's screen. The second try resulted with screen bubbles which really made me annoyed.
In desperation, I sat in front of my computer and "YouTubed" on "How to apply screen protection on iPhone". There were too many videos regarding my concern which made me asked myself, "Why didn't you think of this before???" Anyway, I watched the first video available and understood the whole thing! Below is the video I carefully watched and followed.

It was actually so easy to do. I was so glad that somehow my brain thought of checking on YouTube before I finally giving up on applying the protector on my Iphone myself. Thanks YouTube!

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