My Mom's Sidney Dream

by - Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sidney, Australia was featured on the Travel Channel three days ago which reminded me of my mom's long dream of visiting this beautiful city one day. After watching the show, I started daydreaming of bringing her there along with my boyfriend, dad and two younger brothers. How I wish we could be there really soon.Although there are many means of transportation available in Sidney, I prefer on renting a car for the entire family just like what my boyfriend and I usually do whenever we are on vacation far from home. I am pretty sure that there will be a cheap car hire company who can take us wherever we want to go anytime of the day. I mean, it's a huge city so there should be opportunities for tourists such as affordable car rental rates, right? I wonder why the Travel Channel have not mentioned about such possibilities in the program. Well, that does not bother me by now (not yet). I am at the moment hoping to make my mom's dream come true.

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  1. wow parehas diay me sa dream sa imo mama :-D..

  2. Mary Anne Velasco24 November 2009 at 15:30

    gusto pud nimo adto Australia? kami pud. lami siguro jud bakasyon didto bah.

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