The New inPostLinks --- Not Yet Running Smoothly

by - Monday, November 30, 2009

All PPP bloggers have received the same letter from PPP sometime in November, right? Here is the copy of the announcement/letter:

Hi Bloggers!

We have some exciting news that will give you improved functionality in PayPerPost and give you new opportunities in the new site inPostLinks. These changes are effective on Friday, November 20th.
When you visit http://www.payperpost.com on Friday, November 20th you will be seeing the new and improved version of PayPerPost! As you may know, we have been running two versions of PayPerPost for several months. It is now time to merge the two into a new and improved PayPerPost site.

PayPerPost Login – Important to follow this step!

If you have not created a login for PPPv4, you will need to create one. Just follow the create login button and instructions. You will need to add your blog if you have not created a PPPv4 login previously. If you have created an account in either PPPv4 or SocialSpark you can use the same login information that you have been using for those accounts. You will still need to add your blog in PPPv4 if you have not used this site previously. Once you login to PPPv4 you will can add your blog by clicking on the "my account" tab, then selecting "add a blog".

PayPerPost – great new feature!

Your new PayPerPost account will have a great feature for you! Instead of spending hours scrolling through Opportunities in the Marketplace, as you did in PPPv3 “old PPP”, you will be able to find all the Opportunities that you are eligible for under the “My Leads” tab. There you will be able to preview Opportunities and decide which ones you are interested in pursuing. We will send a message to the Advertiser letting them know you are interested. Then, if the Advertiser feels that you meet their particular needs they will extend an offer to you. And poof! - A wonderful partnership is born!
If you are a current blogger in PPPv4, you can read about this new feature here: http://izea.com/payperpost-v4-release-today/. Remember to check your leads every day, as they will not be held if you don’t click the “I’m interested” button!

What’s happening to the “old” PayPerPost?

inPostLinks allows for a new and easy way to monetize your blog. All the Opportunities in inPostLinks will be link only. This means we are not asking you to write reviews, or to endorse anything. We are simply asking you to place the link on your blog. We hope that you will find a way to integrate the link into relevant content, but not with a review or endorsement. Easy!
Your ‘old’ PPPv3 information will be at the new site http://www.inpostlinks.com. Here you will be able to find your previous PPPv3 activity, all posts and any posts pending review. Any posts that have been approved will be paid out in the normal course that you are accustomed. The only difference to you is the type of opportunities you will now find.

PayPerPost will offer review opportunities just as you have had in the past. 

inPostLinks will offer link-only opportunities.

Why all these changes?

• Improved functionality! Changes to PayPerPost will allow you to more easily find opportunities for which you are qualified and allow you a better chance to take the opportunity.
• More opportunities! By giving you better functionality and another way to monetize through link-only opportunities, we hope this will increase your earning potential.
• Improved Disclosure. Helping you to comply with the new FTC guidelines through better disclosure. inPostLinks will require site-wide disclosure. PayPerPost offers options on disclosure based on the advertiser’s requirements.

We hope you will love the improved PayPerPost and the new site, inPostLinks. Of course, as always, should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

Thank you,
IZEA Customer Love
PPP has been planning to have the new inPostLinks as early as November 20. However, due to some reasons we are not aware of, the people behind PPP has not been able to have inPostLinks up and running on the promised date. Ted, the brain of PPP has posted about the delay. Bloggers like me have received a noticed that changes to PPP will take place sometime in November 30 (today, Monday) which is why I am patiently waiting and eager to check out the new inPostLinks!

An hour ago, as I was refreshing my PPP (using the address www.payperpost.com) page to check out for new opportunities, this showed up instead:
I immediately thought of checking inPostLinks.com and found out that it was already on! I immediatley clicked the "signup now" button but realized that I did not have to do so. Since I had already signed up on the old PPPV3 as a blogger, I did not have to go through anymore the "signing up" stage and the "submitting and claiming of my blogs" which was actually good. I did go at once to the "opportunities" page to check if there was something for me. Unfortunately, the whole PPP to inPostLinks transformation was not that "okey" yet as I received this message after checking the "opportunities" page:
Well well... I guess I will just extend my patience. After all, there is nothing I can do about it. I will just wait until they have finally fixed inPostLinks 100%. I do have full respect to the PPP/inPostLinks people and I know that the wait will be worth it anyway.

See you later people! Hugs!

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