iPhone - The World's Worst Phone?

by - Monday, November 09, 2009

Days ago (I can't really remember when exactly), I've read on Yahoo's homepage about iPhone as being considered as the world's worst phone. Honestly, I totally disagree. I believe that every individual has different needs and wants in a particular mobile phone. It might be that the one who has written that article is so anti-iPhone which is why he (or she) considers iPhone as the world's worst.

Each brand and model of mobile phones have some distinctive specs and features which make each piece unique --- this we all are aware of. Naturally, even before deciding on buying any item there is, we tend to review the pros and cons first and then comes the decision making on whether we are going for that certain piece or not. We do not just spend money on something we do not really know nothing at all and then regret later.

My point is simple... that there isn't any mobile phone in the world which can satisfy our expectations 100%. There will always be the not-so-good-part on every mobile phone, no matter how advanced it is that we just have to accept.

As for me, it took me over a month to finally go for an iPhone. There are many things I like about my new tiny piece of technology but of course, there are points which I don't like as well.

I like the fact...
  • that I can surf 24/7 on my iPhone for as long as I am in an area that is covered by my network provider or for as long that there is a wi-fi connection nearby I can have access to.
  • that there are many apps which are free.
  • that the apps which aren't free mostly have the free version which I can try until I finally decide to install (or not) its full version.
  • that I can blog through my iPhone whenever I want to.
  • that I can listen to music when I feel like doing so.
  • that I can send and receive emails anytime of the day.
  • ... and many more!

I do NOT like the fact...
  • that the iPhone's built-in cam is only of 3 megapixels.
  • that the battery power is too short (just about 5 hours when surfing the internet).
  • that it doesn't allow Adobe applications.
  • ... these are basically the only three things I do not like about my iPhone.
As I've stressed out earlier, this is just based on my personal iPhone experiences/usage. My likes might not be just like yours and my dislikes might be different from yours. But for me, iPhone is one great handheld device for my everyday life and I am loving it!

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  1. Here is my list:

    pros :
    - there is an app for practically any need you have
    - not only can you check, send, and recieve emails for one email,
    but multiple emails. So if you have one for work, one for personal use, etc. You
    can check them all and maintain them all at once on the go
    - who needs a gps when the maps app that is built in has a GREAT gps. It has worked
    better than any other gps I have used. It just doesn't do that annoying voice guidance thing.
    I hate the voice guidance though, silence is golden. Especially when a gps is bugging out and
    glitching. No thank you!
    - any of those social site people use, they have an awesome app that makes it fast and easy
    to maintain those. For the younger crowd that is a plus lol
    - I know it is against apple, but if you do choose to jailbreak it, believe me... There is NO other phone out there that can compete once it's jailbroken. NONE

    - battery life is terrible
    - AT&T 3g coverage is so scarce it is unbelievable
    - it's all touch screen so you have to get used to typing
    with it. Tricky at first but the auto-correct feature
    helps you out a lot
    - no themes for it. It's advanced and so pricey, yet you can't mod it with themes? It has to look just like everyone
    elses iPhone. Boring! (This is where jailbreaking comes in handy)
    - no flash videos (which is also a good thing seeing as how it has a mini os on it which makes it vulnerable to attacks. Flash is known by developers to be very easy to use to gain access and control of a computer or in this case a phone by using flash. Your iPhone holds your credit card # because of your iTunes account. Imagine if someone got ahold of that. Also you contacts, emails of sensitive information, etc. Flash is a huge security flaw. But I still would like it just so I can view every thing on web pages and do what I want on this thing

    So there's a list I came up with real quick. BTW, I did this through my iPhone. Suck on that yahoo editor :)

  2. Mary Anne Velasco11 November 2009 at 02:06

    wow! that's a long list.. a lot longer than mine.

    anyway, here in Sweden, my iPhone doesn't cost that much. my network provider has included free surfing 24/7 and free texting worldwide (3,000 texts a month) for the iPhone price which I will not mention here but really reasonable that even a student like me can afford.

    yup. the flash player is something i also want to have on my iPhone. hope iPhone fixes that one up soon.

    thanks a lot for dropping by here Jeff!

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