Blog Post Signature Creating: Step 2 For Photoshop.com Users

by - Friday, November 27, 2009

(Note: This is step 2 in creating your blog post signature. If you haven't checked step 1 yet, please proceed here.)

(If you are using Photobucket, proceed HERE. If you are using Photoshop.com, proceed below)

If you have already finished editing your signature using photoshop.com, you simply copy the EMBED CODE (NOT the URL code).
My example using photoshop.com:

signature example:

the embed code:

<img src="http://api.photoshop.com/home_8c0db01710134d0bb4a690839d588d10/adobe-px-assets/d396e6c7d66f41179abb177a8c9fdb09" width="300" height="90"/>

After copying your OWN embed code, go to your blog's:
  • Dashboard
  • Setting
  • Formatting

At the bottom part of your "formatting" section you will see the POST TEMPLATE part:
Now PASTE the Embed code you copied awhile ago into the box provided and then click SAVE SETTINGS.

Now test your finished product by creating a new post. Take note that your newly created signature will NOT appear in your old posts. It will only appear by the time you created your new posts. If you want to attach your signature in your old posts, you have to do it manually by copying your Embed code and pasting it at the end of your every old post and then saving it. Mine looks like this:
Easy, right? Now enjoy your new post signature!

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  1. i've always wondered how they do these, now i know. thanks! super big help. :)

  2. Glad to help!  Enjoy your blog's new signature! Have a great day!


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