Planning for a Warm Christmas This Year...

by - Monday, November 16, 2009

It is getting colder day after day as the winter season is fast approaching. It has actually snowed Thursday last week but has stopped the following morning. Nevertheless, we can already feel the cold breeze the whole day through.

My boyfriend and I have been having small talks about our plans of spending a couple of weeks during the winter break in a warm country. We have been saving some cash for the past months even if we are not yet sure if we can put our warm getaway plan in December. If ever everything goes well as wished, we will fly to the Philippines to both visit my family and for my boyfriend to experience how my fellow countrymen spend Christmas the Filipino way.

Since our savings is not enough for the vacation, we are thinking of applying for payday loans to have enough money to fully enjoy our warm Christmas together. Aside from that, the loan will also become a big help in covering up our winter month's bill and other obligations.

Oh goodness! I am now daydreaming! I am already seeing myself spending my days in a beach house (particularly in Boracay) with my family and friends. Actually, it is not only me who has been in the December dreamland most of the time. My boyfriend is more excited than I am. We just both hope that my boyfriend's December vacation request will be granted by his boss so we can enjoy a warm Christmas this year.

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  1. Sounds like a great plan....somewhere warm in December. Hope it works out and he gets the time off. PayDay loans? OUch. I'd try not to do that though.


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