What Does the Expression "Trip Lang" Mean?

by - Saturday, November 14, 2009

Have you ever been to the Philippines or personally know a Filipino? Have you ever heard that person replying to one of your "Why...?" questions with an expression "Trip lang."? If ever you've already encountered that scene, I hope that you have not connected the expression "Trip lang" with the English words journey and travel as it isn't always the case.

Filipinos bring out the expression "Trip lang" in many occasions. "Trip lang" when being meant in the Filipino language means nothing specific or for no special reason. Sometimes, there are different reasons behind what we are doing but we either are too lazy to tell you the long explanation or we do not want to talk about it with you which is why we find it more comfortable to just say the two-word "Trip lang."
Person A: Why are you watching that crappy film?
Person B: Trip lang. (Means he/she just wants to watch the film for no special reason at all. He/she just feels like watching it.)
Person A: Why are you singing out loud?
Person B: Trip lang. (Meaning he/she only wants to sing. No particular reason why Person B is singing. He/She feels like doing it.)
That's it! So the next time you travel to the Philippines and find yourself hearing "Trip lang", you already know what the person means.

... And if you are going to ask me now, "Why are you wasting your time blogging about this?" I will simply answer, "Trip lang" and shrug my shoulders.

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  1. I'm glad to know that! I had no idea. I'm going to start saying it and nobody will know what I mean.....I'll get to tell them! PRetty cool!

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  2. wah nalingaw ko sa imo post girl :-D..


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