Bedroom Ceiling Problem --- Soon Solved!

by - Thursday, December 10, 2009

We are planning on shopping for new furniture pieces for our bedroom. We have already chosen our new bed, bedside tables, cabinets and TV rack. However, even before paying for the items and taking them into our apartment, we have to fix our ceiling problem first.

Months ago, I've noticed a few tiny black dots on the the right corner part of our ceiling. I have immediately cleaned the area using soap and hot water. It has worked for a few days but later on, the dots have appeared again --- this time, they look bigger. The dots spread out after sometime so we have given our landlady a call and have asked someone to come over. Surprisingly, the dots are actually islands of mold. My boyfriend is allergic to mold which is one of the reasons why we need to have the ceiling treated and fixed.

After the treatment process, we are planning on consulting Ceiling Texture Specialists to help us achieve a well polished and more attractive apartment ceiling. We are so looking forward to having a fresher, cleaner and most especially mold-free ceiling with the new furniture around us. That's a good start for the new year!

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  1. hi maxi kamusta ka na dyan hope you're ok and merry xmas sayo :* :* :*

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  2. Mary Anne Velasco11 December 2009 at 15:22

    hello Ron. thanks for the visit. visited your blog, too. nice one! :)

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