I So Want A Beanbag!

by - Friday, December 11, 2009

Our barely one year old leather sofa is dying. Thanks to our two lovely cats who love to file their claws on the sofa instead of using their claw pad. Well, there is no other choice but to buy another sofa set to replace the one we have at the moment.

We have already seen lots of Modern Furniture designs online. We already have found seven pieces which are included in our favorite's list. We will trim down the choices slowly until we get to finally decide which set to order.

Speaking of modern furniture, I have asked my boyfriend if I can own a beanbag and he has agreed to buy one for me. I so love beanbags. They are so comfortable to sit on and I can't wait to have one here in our apartment.

This is the beanbag I want (please refer to the photo to your right) but I want the color in apple green and I want to see myself sitting on that beanbag instead of that man on the photo. Since it's huge, I can take my afternoon naps in it. The ottoman which comes with the beanbag will serve as the extension where I can comfortably have my legs on (of course! That's what ottomans are for, right?). This will surely be my perfect spot when watching films or when our favorite shows are on tv.

I am so looking forward to our upcoming furniture shopping!

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  1. This bean-bag does look way comfortable. I'll take one too!

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  2. Mary Anne Velasco11 December 2009 at 20:19

    yup Brian! it really looks so comfortable. I really want one for me. well.. my boyfriend and cats can borrow it sometimes, too. :)

    have a nice day!

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