Checking Some Guess Handbags... Found Two!

by - Friday, December 04, 2009

While going through my bags awhile ago, I've realized that I only have one bag by Guess. My boyfriend has told me to go check some Guess handbags online before but I have not been lucky enough to find the style that I've been searching for. This evening, after watching the Swedish idol, I have once again tried to give the Guess handbag search a try and luckily have found two I really like:Now, aren't these bags so beautiful? I really like the black one more. It is priced at US$88.88 which isn't bad for a Guess brand. Thanks for having it on sale (10% off) otherwise, I will surely think that it's now worth it (I am kinda cheap, you know). I like the brown one, too. It is US$10 cheaper than my first choice (on 26% off its regular price) however, smaller. How I wish that its size has been the same as the black one. If so, I will not be having second thoughts of grabbing that at once.

I will go check some more sites before finally deciding. I might be able to find some more Guess bags I will fall in love withlove.

See you all later guyz!

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