Oooh.. Vampire Films And Vampire Chats!

by - Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I have been hearing different reactions from people who have seen New Moon. Some say that it is not as good compared to Twilight while others say that it is worth checking out. I absolutely like vampire films (Van Helsing, Blade Trilogy, Underworld Trilogy and The Lost Boys --- just to name a few of my all time favorites) which is why I will definitely watch New Moon hopefully soon.

A friend from school who is into Twilight and New Moon so much has joined vampire chat rooms two and a half weeks ago. It is where she finds people who are into Twilight, vampire and goth werewolf chatting online --- just like her. Well... that is good for her! It is indeed a very nice feeling to find a place where you can talk to people who share the same interests with you.

As for me, I am satisfied with watching vampire films on our flat screen tv and chatting about it with my boyfriend and friends after the film. Joining chat rooms is not an option for me as of the moment considering my very limited free time. But who knows! One day, I might check the vampire chat room and sign up! Nothing is ever certain!

So I guess it is time for me to say bye bye for now. I will be spending some time looking for ways on how to get hold of a New Moon DVD copy. I hope that it's out in the market now! If not, I will just search for another vampire film to buy. See you later friends!

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