The Manila Chinese Cemetery Tour (Part 1)

by - Sunday, December 06, 2009

During our 2009 Philippine vacation, my boyfriend, Lo (my boyfriend's bestfriend) and I spent some hours visiting The Manila Chinese Cemetery, the second oldest cemetery in Manila (built in the 1850's). When I told my dad that the Chinese cemetery was one of the places on our list to visit that day, he had a huge question mark on top of his head... "Of all the places, why the cemetery?"

It sounded ridiculous too the first time I heard that Lo was interested to see the place even weeks before our trip to the Philippines. I was just so glad that I agreed to put the "ridiculous" plan into action --- I did not regret it at all.

We had encountered difficulties while locating the cemetery. My uncle who was driving the van that day wasn't familiar about the area, too. According to Google Maps, it is located at Aurora Boulevard, Manila which was like confusing (this boulevard's huge!). However, due to the power of "asking for directions", we arrived to our destination safely.

At the entrance gate, we were asked to pay Php100 which we of course paid without question. However, when a man/guide approached us offering a two-hour tour inside the cemetery for Php600, we were a bit "huh?soal". We bargained a bit and was offered half of the price for only an hour. We decided to go on our own without the tour guide. We were thinking that we could do it with or without him... and we were right! We just saved a huge Php600 which we spent for dinner that day.

Anyway, The Manila Chinese Cemetery is huge and I should say incredible!

On the photos below are only seven of the many colorful and magnificent mausoleums inside The Manila Chinese Cemetery (scroll down to see more):
That's it for tonight friends! I will also share photos of the Chong Hock Tong Temple, Carlos Palanca (Tan Quien Sien) Memorial, and the crematory some other time.

Have a nice Sunday everybody!

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  1. Nice pics as always my dear blugging friend! Looks like you have quite a bit to share with us all from your trip!

    Good post, and always good to sneak in a blugging opportunity when I can! :-D ;)

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  2. Hey there Maxi .... and thanks for sharing. Lo and I must think on the same wavelength as this would be a place that you catch my attention b/c cross-cultural links catch my interest. Well done!

    Hope all is well! You may like my music for this Monday.

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  3. sexy legs and body7 December 2009 at 06:38

    Hi Maxi, thanks for commenting on my post on the blogger's legs. I am sure you can beg, steal or borrow a pair of high heels, and just ask BF to take a pic or two, send them in, and I will post them for you.. come on, dont be shy, be bold and just do it.
    It is no use putting it off, then you will never get around to doing it.

    Interesting post, have a lovely day!

  4. Hi sis, I was like your father when you said tour to a cemetery... hehe,, but those pics are nice.. I have not been there.. LOL.. Lage ko lang cya nadadaanan..

    Anyway sis, hope you could do me a favor.. Please vote for my daughter for December Pinoy Smile Contest at the link below:

    Thanks a lot sis. It would be much appreciated..

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  5. Mary Anne Velasco8 December 2009 at 15:39

    hello 'd! yup. i do have lots to share from the vacation. however, my laziness... haha! kept on bugging me. i will be posting some vacation 2009 photos every now and then here but not at once. gosh gosh.

    thanks a lot my dear blugging 'd!

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  6. Mary Anne Velasco8 December 2009 at 15:40

    oh so true! Lo and you might go along well. i really thought it was weird at first but then as i've said, it was worth visiting!

    hope all is well with you, too and yup! i watched your music monday video and could not stop laughing and giggling! i sure did love it!

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  7. Mary Anne Velasco8 December 2009 at 15:42

    i do not want to borrow... to shy to do that. hehe. but i will be buying at least a pair or might use the only one pair i've got here with me which you might have already seen in some of my photos here. well.. i will think about it but for sure, i will join. i will be bold and brave and will do it!

    have a lovely day Colin!

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  8. Mary Anne Velasco8 December 2009 at 15:45

    hello Shelo! oh.. you, too? hehe. well, you should visit it. nice place.

    by the way, i have voted for Akira already. can i cast my vote again later or tomorrow or just once?

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