Patiently Waiting For inPostLinks Advertisers To Create New Opportunities

by - Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I have mentioned on one of my previous posts that the new inPostLinks has not been running smoothly since it has been officially opened to both bloggers and advertisers yesterday, 30 November 2009.

Before I went to bed at 11.30PM (Swedish time), I checked inPostLinks again and had only seen one opportunity available for thousands of bloggers to write about (please click the photo to enlarge): After waking up this morning (9AM, Swedish time), I again logged in to inPostLinks and saw the same opportunity. I went to school and by the time I reached home, I (of course) did the same thing and was surprised that nothing had changed.

I started to panic. I got confused. It could be that I did something wrong so I checked my account again, my blogs, my profile, etc. and everything seemed to be just right. In order for me to calm down, I googled for some possible news from Ted (who I refer to as the brain beyond PPP, SocialSpark, etc.) and stumbled upon this:

"inPostLinks is a replacement for the original version of PayPerPost.com. This new site is designed to help advertisers build text link ads on blogs. inPostLinks only offers links. No testimonials, no reviews. The system is a modified version of the original PPP with some enhancements and streamlining. Some things you should be aware of:
  • All of your data from PPP v3 is now on this site.
  • You can login here with your old v3 login.
  • All previous Opps were permanently ended as they could require reviews and the system no longer allows that.
  • It is normal for bloggers to see few or zero Opps available until advertisers create new ones.
  • If advertisers want reviews they will need to do that through PayPerPost.com (v4), this site only allows you to buy text links.
If you have questions, comments of feedback please visit inPostLinks on Get Satisfaction."
After reading the parts in bold, I have finally been able to calm down a bit and relax. I haven't done anything wrong at all. It's just that it will take time before the advertisers will create new opportunities for us bloggers. So like most of you out there, I will patiently wait!

Have a nice Tuesday everybody!

Update as of 4:34PM:
There are already 4 opportunities available in the inPostLinks opportunity page:Soon there will be hundreds of opportunities for us to grab again! inPostLinks' in progress! Yipee!

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  1. hi sis! musta na?

    know what? i didn't know about inlinkpost's site until i read your posts here, this one and the previous one. i did read the message from ppp last week but i just read it quickly without even understanding it, i guess. dumb me. hahaha.

    anyway, thanks for the info. was able to check the site today for the first time. oh well. hee hee. take care! (",)

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  2. Mary Anne Velasco8 December 2009 at 15:48

    oh. haha1 don't worry. you are not missing a lot anyway! until now, there are not so many available opps. around 23 to 30 only. i guess advertisers are choosing V4 instead of inPostLinks.

    have a nice day and welcome!

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