Sexy Dresses To Be Featured On Mix And Match Moments Soon

by - Saturday, December 05, 2009

I have already shown you my first two Mix and Match Moments (M&M)in my previous posts. I have already have some photos saved in my computer which are waiting to be featured in my upcoming M&M entries. I just hope that you people will also love them.

Going through my photos this morning, I've realized that I still do not have a photo wearing a sexy dress which have made me want to one day have some Sexy Dresses on me for my M&M posts.

Speaking of sexy dresses, I have chosen four sexy styled dresses that I might want to consider wearing during my "photo shoot". Anyway, here are the four very pretty and classy pieces I really really like:They are so pretty, aren't they? My favorite is the gray one. I am not sure though if I will look that good on it but it is for sure worth a try. Wait... I also need to find a pair of high-heeled shoes. Gosh! Why don't I even own a pair? garupale

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