Skateboarding - Not That Easy But Fun!

by - Friday, December 04, 2009

My boyfriend and I enjoyed watching ten boys perform amazing skateboard stunts on the sports channel four days ago. Just sitting down watching them compete against each other made us realize how difficult the sport really was especially when the boys tumbled and fell many times along the entire contest. They were tough guys, I should say since they kept on coming back for more despite disappointments on the side.

I tried skateboarding twice but it did not work well for me. It wasn't my thing which was actually sad. I got too scared to see myself hurt. If only I had the amount of courage the skateboarders on tv had, I could have already gone a long way.

In all honesty, while watching the skateboarding competition, it has made me thought of a nearby skateshop where I can grab one for myself if ever I will get back on trying to skate again. I am also thinking of buying one each for my two brothers and another one for my boyfriend. They will surely be interested to try skateboarding if given the chance.

I am aware that skateboarding is only recommended for tough individuals... I might be as tough as them one day! It might not be that easy but will surely be fun!

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