Break Time On A Busy Thursday!

by - Thursday, January 14, 2010

Break time!

I am seriously (Yes! Serioiusly!) preparing for my Math C final exam tomorrow morning. I need to pass this one in order for me to proceed to the D level. To concentrate and to keep myself awake are my main concerns for today. I am in a "panic mode" mode already and still drinking coffee. What am I thinking? It's time for me to take a pause and calm down a little then back to my "review mode" later.

Whew! Although my upcoming test is stressing me out, the postman has delivered something interesting for me today.

I received a package with my name on it (and address of course) without a return address. Since it was addressed to me, I opened it anyway with excitement. I was in awe upon finding out that the content was a bottle of Calvin Klein's Secret Obsession (15mL) spray perfume. I could not figure out why it was sent to me and who sent this beautiful surprise to me.
To the sender, thanks a lot! The scent is really mild and sweet and the bottle's so sexy! I have to ask my boyfriend about this. It might be from him!

While editing the photo of the perfume to share with you in this post, I have stumbled upon some photos of Sessan, my boyfriend's mom's (Mamma Lena) cute sweet dog. One best thing about Sessan is that --- she likes me! She loves to sit by my side whenever I am at Mamma Lena's place and that makes me feel really welcome. I am thinking of buying something for Sessan. I will have to check an online small dog clothing shop soon. A pink fur dog coat will be perfect for Sessan especially during the winter season. I do not think she has one. I hope she will like it!Oops! Break time's over! I have to continue my review. I will take another rest later. Gosh! I am already looking forward to it (the rest --- not the exam).

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  1. Good luck with your finals.
    I'm sure you will pass with flying colors! :)

    Take care. *HUGS*

  2. have you solve the mystery of who the perfume was from? btw, best of luck with your exam! =)

  3. It was just a little sample so you could try it. Sure na!

  4. Thanks a lot SkippyHeart! It went really great! The tough review I had alone yesterday was worth it. :)

    Take care, too. Hugs back!

  5. Hello Levian!

    My boyfriend ordered a a Cosmopolitan magazine for me a month ago and got the CK perfume for free. A really nice and expensive freebie.

    Thanks Levian! ;)

  6. Är det du Bebe?

    Tack så mycket. Jag tycker om den. :*


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