A Filipino Hater?

by - Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I've recently come across a post created by who seems to be a Filipino hater. I am thinking of quoting some of his words but by doing so, I need to link his blog to mine (copyright practice/regulation) - no thanks. This guy's certainly not worth of getting backlinks (if you know what I mean). Aside from the very negative and very insulting post about us Filipinos , he also has this HateMail going on wherein he makes fun of us Pinoys by turning our own words against our race. Anyway, if you are interested to read his very racist point of view, PM me or leave me a comment and I'll gladly email you the link.

Okey. Turning my back on such a very unfriendly/shocking post, it is time for me to shift the topic into my wishful thinking --- a new blog in Swedish. I've been thinking thouroughly about writing one day using the Swedish language. However, since my Swedish vocabulary is still half-empty, I am having second thoughts of getting on with the plan. If ever, I'll be focusing the whole blog theme on fashion. I still have so many things to consider before I can finalize everything (that's if I will even go for the green light on this one). But with much hope, I can have a Swedish blog up and running before the second half of the year with a good web hosting provider. Concerning this blog's Mix and Match (M&M) Moments which I've started a month ago, I will not leave the "project" hanging. I am thinking of connecting my "much dreamed" blog with the M&M posts. Am I creating too much thinking and planning? Perhaps, I'm just excited with the idea!

Speaking of my plan, I wonder what the "Filipino hater" is going to write about next time to agitate us? Well, he's (I mean his post's) not worth thinking about anyway.

Time for me to take my beauty rest now. Nighty night everyone! See you all again tomorrow!

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  1. Just remember - no one can agitate us without our permission. Also the more attention and forum you give this person, the more power and energy you give their topic. Sadly they will never know the beauty of your culture (I studied Filipino martial arts for years and have many friends, guros, as well as an ex-girlfriend who is).

    I would diffuse his negative thoughts by not being a way to hear them by forwarding them. The words can hurt and the weight of predjudice is a heavy burden. Dont help shoulder his/her load by sharing it with your friends!

    Focus on your swedish! ;)
    Blessings my friend!

  2. I think Tony is right, but this isn't just about one Filipino - it's about an entire nation he continues to bash to no end. I do think it is best to what you did and not give him another reason to bash your country of people more.

    Here in the southern portion of the USA is still heavy with racism, and it still brings out the worst in some people.

    Human hate, regardless of the who it is directed from and to, will never truly go away because of the mindset of people. He is who he associates with, and based on what you read(which I want no part of) says more about him than it ever will you or the Filipino nation.

    Hugs for you my very dear blugging friend! :* ;) :)

  3. Hello Tony. You are right which is why I decided not to write a lot about this guy anymore. After reading some of the HateMails he received and replied to, I actually felt so sorry for his soul. It just shows how much he needs attention to. I always tell my friends not to send HateMails to him anymore nor post so heavy words against him. He actually enjoys the attention.

    Anyway, yup, I am focusing on my Swedish. I am actually finished with all the Swedish courses and passed all the National tests here. No more stage to go. All I need is to keep on learning new words and then remembering them. :)

    Thanks again Tony. Have a nice day.

  4. YUp. It's about the entire nation. Honestly, my heart has reached its boiling point the first time I've read the post and a few of the hatemails. But after that, I've calmed down and have fully understood that he's just in desperate need of attention. I feel good that I somehow did not create a long "hate" post against him.

    Anyway, it's sad to know that there are some people like him.

    Oh well... I am over that post and I do not feel any sadness now.

    Happy WEdnesday my dear blugging friend! :-D :-D :-D :-D

  5. This idiot is not worth the time, Maxi...if he is writing abusive stuff, though, he should be reported. Why do people act like this? You know how much you are liked by people who count, like this old lady here!

  6. A blog in Swedish sounds ambitious, good luck sweetie! :* :* :*

  7. Hello CArmen. Thanks a lot for always dropping by here and leaving me some comments.

    I do not understand why there are such people like him in this world. Nevertheless, I am glad to know that there are more kind people (like you) than them.

    Have a nice day Carmen!

  8. Haha! For sure Mariuca! Very very ambitious. I sure hope to start with it sometime this year. Hugs!


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