The LA Vacation Dream

by - Friday, January 15, 2010

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of DiscoverLosAngeles.com. All opinions are 100% mine.
While creating my list of places to travel, I've pushed the ambition a little further. I am aware how expensive it is to travel to Los Angeles but LA has to be in my travel plan's must-visit-places. In times like this when Sweden's winter season is too cold to take, LA is one of the world's best places to spend a long vacation. The warm LA weather will always be a perfect getaway from the freezing winter nights (and days).
My boyfriend and I have always dreamed of celebrating new year's eve together in LA. By the time that "dream" is already (hope soon!) transformed into reality, there are always LA new year's eve hotel specials for us to choose from. Well of course! It's LA. Possibilities are limitless. We do not belong yet to the category of rich families so finding a good hotel deal is a must for us.

Talking and dreaming about the sunshine filled haven, I am already imagining my boyfriend and I being there,(Sounds crazy? Believe me, if you are here right at this very minute, you'll also find yourself sounding crazy.) enjoying a status of relaxation in one of los angeles hotels' pools, sipping a glass of freshly prepared orange juice and the best part: dreaming that the vacation will never end. *Sigh*

LA is also an excellent destination for people who most of the time bring their petsalong with them. Pet-friendly hotels are everywhere so spotting one is never a problem. Before the sun goes down, you are your adorable pet have already found a hotel to spend the night.

Well well well. I guess I need to put my LA dream on pause for awhile. I have to rush now to the kitchen and fix dinner. Tummy's getting mad already.

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  1. hope to be there someday...

  2. Yup! We want to fly there, too! :)

  3. I, personally, prefer San Francisco to Los Angeles and southern California. That's why, after one year of living in that area, I moved north and I've been here for 33 happy years. I visit my L. A. area friends from time to time but that's plenty for me.

  4. Whew! You've got plenty of choices there Carmen. I do have friends living in San Francisco and they tell me how nice San Francisco is. I sure hope to visit it your place, too. Perhaps treat you for a coffee. :-D


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