Laptops With Virtual Keyboard And Touchscreen Features --- Not For Me (Yet)

by - Saturday, January 09, 2010

Advancements in technology seem to be in a very fast forward stage right now. Although many have anticipated (including yours truly) the release of laptops with touch screens and virtual keyboards, I guess these improvements aren't for me (at least not yet). I have nothing against advancement. I am impressed with how geniuses think and invent products. However, as of the moment, if I will be asked if I will be going for the green light with this virtual keyboard laptops, my answer will be a NO.

I am one of the many out there who do not have to look at the keyboard when typing. Now, I am not boasting here that I am one of the fastest typists in the world --- what I am saying is that for typists like me, we need to have the real feel of the real keyboard to keep our fingers work as fast as possible.

I've watched this YouTube video about the lastest MSI dual touchscreen netbook prototype several times and have noticed that the one trying it is obviously having a difficult time looking for the letters. That situtation is something I do not want to find myself in. Looking for the letters and typing the wrong words from time to time will drag my typing speed down and will irritate me a lot. I have enough fine lines on my face already!
Please do not get me wrong. I am not telling you not to buy this. Your choice is not my choice and vice versa. If you want it then get it!

Regarding people telling me, "You will somehow get used to the virtual keyboard anyway." True. But I am really ready to switch from my regular keyboard to the virtual one? NOT at the moment. Time will tell. Maybe one day, I will find myself purchasing this type of laptop but as mentioned... NOT at the moment.

Regarding the touchscreen monitors, I somehow find it weird to stretch out my arms every time I need to scroll up and down pages, push buttons, open and transfer files, drag photos, etc. I do have this strong feeling that the mouse is still my friend. I would rather have my arm and palm relaxing on top of this mouse friend of mine, clicking the right and left buttons and commanding its scroll wheel to either go up or down with the control of my fingertip. How difficult could that be?
Having my points clarified, I might be considered by many as someone who sticks to the ancient form of technology. If you have read this post entirely, you'll know that my door to these types of advancement isn't closed at all. And what's wrong with ancient technology anyway? After all, there are always positive points with this soon-to-be-considered-ancient form of technology, I guess. kenyit

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