The Late Bloomer

by - Sunday, January 17, 2010

On a previous post, I've mentioned about one of my confessions - my extreme need on make up tips. Just for fun and to test how far I've learned so far, I've put on some makeup yesterday evening. I have to say that I apply makeup a lot better now but still, I have to exert a little more effort in order for me to be really happy with the results. Well at least, I am getting there.

Aside from Googling on useful makeup tips, I've also checked on thousands of hairstyles to select from. I am thinking of having my hair done and fixed by a professional anytime soon. However, I am encountering difficulties regarding my decision about which hairstyle to get. Frankly speaking, I am interested on having my hair cut short. Short hairstyles, no matter how nice they look on others have always been a NO for me. I am so attached to my long black hair that even the thought of having it really short scares me. It's only lately when I have considered the possibility of having a short hairstyle for a change. I might actually look fine. But if I won't, well at least I will no longer wake up each morning wondering how I might look like with a short cut. That I know I owe myself somehow.

I am indeed a late bloomer, huh? I am only beginning to find interest on cosmetics and hairstyles at this time of my life. As they say, "Better late than never!" I have a lot of fashion and beauty catch ups to do! *Sigh*

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