Flying To The Philippines

by - Saturday, January 23, 2010

My flight to the Philippines is scheduled on Saturday, January 30. It is my first time to fly with Cathay Pacific Airways and I am really excited about it. After stumbling upon the many positive reviews written about Cathay online, I am looking forward to my very first experience with the airline. Will I be joining the list of satisfied customers of Cathay? I hope so!

I've sat down with my boyfriend an hour ago and made a list of the things I am supposed to bring with me to the Philippines. I've also created a shopping draft which still remains incomplete. As of now, my shopping list contains at least two pair of stilettos, Fubu shirts for my boyfriend, shorts, dresses, a handbag, brassieres from Avon, a makeup kit and pyjamas. One important detail I will be checking tomorrow is my economy. Fingers crossed, I will be having enough money in my bank account to enjoy my vacation to the fullest.

Before I forget, I will also try to contact some of my blogger friends who are in the Philippines during my vacation. Meeting some of them is a dream come true for me.

I went through some of the important papers I would need to take along with me - e-ticket, my birth certificate (just in case a situation would require it), school paper and my passport. While doing so, my health insurance sheets showed up. I wasn't able to choose last year which health insurance company to go for but would certainly be making the decision within this year or early in 2011. I could still recall a friend in San Francisco who also had a hard time concluding which health insurance company to choose. She requested for KaiserQuotes in California which provided her the details she needed for her family. "Good for her!", I thought. I would one day sit down with the quotes I received and determine which one would be best for me.

I still have a whole week to prepare everything before my travel to the Philippines begin. I expect to fix every little thing as soon as possible to avoid stress and pressure. Wish me luck!

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  1. Wow, that's great that your trip to the Philippines is coming so soon!

    That would be so great to see you meet up with many blogger friends which we both share many of them in common! I know the stories and entries will be endless!

    Have a great night my very dear blugging friend! :* ;) :)

  2. weeeeeeeeeeeeeh!stilettos for me!?!LOL! :-P

  3. happy trip te maxi!not really sure if i can come to Mla..huhu! :'( :'( :'(

  4. Scotty's Princess24 January 2010 at 07:57

    Hala! That is just a week from now, Maxi! You have a safe trip, ok? So you love Avon Brassieres? ;-) I am a Triumph loyalist. I can endorse their product for free, LOL!

    I hope I am one of the few bloggers that you can contact and eventually we can have a rendezvous :-)

    That is, if you can fly down south :) :) :) :)

  5. Wow! have a safe flight po :) I'm sure mag eenjoy kayo dito siguro sobrang namiss mo na Pinas hehe

  6. Maxi, I flew Cathay Pacific one year from Bangkok to Mumbai and I thought their service was superb...and that was just in coach. The best flight and service I ever had was San Francisco to Bangkok, business class, using mileage, on Singapore Airlines, in 1997 - and back again - I never wanted to get off the plane!! Then, I also had a fabulous flight, business class, from San Francisco to Rome, on KLM, this past OCT for my 65th birthday. also using mileage - seats reclined completely, great foods and wines, wonderful service.

    Hope you have a fabulous trip and visit home!

  7. Maxi,
    Great to news that the trip is now an official go ... Enjoy and be safe ... looking forward to the pics!

  8. Hi Maxi! You may already be used to the cold there, but just a heads up. It's still a bit cool here in the city in the early mornings so you might want to bundle up when you sleep. It's also a bit cool after sundown so better be sure to bring a jacket along especially if you're going shopping in MOA at night. Have fun!!

  9. Hi Maxie! yeas that was me who left a msg here days ago and asked you about Sheila Acala... Sorry if I didn't leave my site... Anyway, kainggit ka naman kasi uuwi ka na ng pinas soon... Hope you have a safe trip and take plenty of pictures and post some here para mas mainggit ako.. hehehe

    Thanks for accepting my desire to be your friend... Anyways, here are my sites...


  10. Good luck to your flight Maxi, and i'm sure you'll enjoy your vacation to the fullest.... hope to see the updates from your vacation.... have fun...

  11. www.vmmp1980.blogspot.com25 January 2010 at 18:11

    Hay Naku! I don't know why I can't log in here using my blogger account. Anyway, do you have a place to stay? My former roommates have not replied to my text message yet. I hope I can go home to Pinas too soon. Bon voyage ma belle!

  12. hay naku, this one works. LOL! This blogger thing still boggles me. LOL! :-E

  13. Wow, bakasyon ka pala dito Maxi! You take care! Dito ka ba sa Manila tutuloy? I hope we can meet din in person, I just hope available din ako!!! I need to have a social life. Aside kasi from work, diretso bahay na ako e. Pag nasa ofc naman, puro work din. Need ko mag-unwind! :)

    Nyway, ingat sa biyahe! Sana wala kang makalimutan important papers! :)

  14. Hello David! I am pretty excited to meet some blogger friends of ours. I just hope that I can also fly to Davao and meet some of them who live somewhere in Mindanao.

    I will update you and our other blogger friends of what's happening to me *DONT_KNOW* while on vacation. ;)

    Cheers to you my blugging friend!

  15. Haha! stilettos for me GG! Kaw jud! :-D

  16. Okey lang GG. Hopefully, we'll meet one day... Kahit na saang sulok ng mundo. Naks! =-O

  17. Hello Lainy. Just a few more days from now and I am really under so much stress. There are so many things I need to finish before flying. =-O =-O =-O

    I love Triumph, too. That I can get here in Sweden. However, Avon's not available here and I do love their brassieres especially the Missy ones - you know what I mean ;)

    I really hope to fly to Davao. Perhaps, I can also travel to GenSan or if you have time, you travel to Davao....

    Will contact you for sure! ;)

  18. Thanks a lot Nina. Yup. I really miss Pinas although kauuwi ko lang noong July.

    I hope you've left your URL para mabisita ko rin blog mo.... ;)

  19. Thanks for the heads up Carmen! I will surely be having a great flight with Cathay then although I will be on their economy class. HOpe it will still be great!

    Oh my! You travel a lot... I envy you. Maybe one day, I can also put my travel dreams into reality.

    Have a great day Carmen!

  20. Yes Frank... an official "go" but there are still so many things left undone. I need to take care of so many details before flying on Saturday. It's Tuesday already. Ahhh!!! =-O =-O =-O

  21. Thanks a lot Lady E!

    I will be taking your advice and bring sweatshirt whenever going to the malls there.

    Thank you very very much for the reminder Lady E! Hugs!

    By the way, I hope you get this message: I still do not know your URL... please leave your URL next time so I can visit you back.


  22. Thanks a lot Kathy. Sorry if I haven't been around blogging for a long time. There are so many things for me to accomplish before flying to the PHilippines on Saturday. A few more days left for me to have everything in order. Whew! =-O

    I will be visiitng your blogs anytime soon!

    Hugs and thanks for being my new found friend!

  23. Hello Nova. As always, it is nice to see you around here.

    I will be updating you all as much as possible. I will be inserting blogging with traveling and studying. Difficult but will surely do.

    Hugs to you!

  24. It's okey Via! it sure takes time to understand this comment set up but you'll find it nice later on.

    It's okey Via... I will surely be able to find a place to stay. I will be staying for a week at my dad's and a week at my mom's (hiwalay na kasi sila).

    A week in DAvao and a week again in Manila where we will be needing the place to stay. But I know that I can fix that one out.

    Thanks for the help! Hugs to you and LIam! :-D

  25. Yipee!!! you've done it! Ikaw pa? smart girl ka yata! Turuan mo ako mag french ha! Hugs!

  26. Hello Beth! I will be staying for a week in Manila then some weeks in Bulacan with my mom and brothers and then a week in Davao and then another week in Manila for the last shopping hops.

    I will surely contact you.. By the way, hope you left your URL here para I can get back to your blog...

    Hugs to you! :-D

  27. oi, happy trip max, bitaw enjoy to the fullest jud basta makauli. sus oi kaulion man sad ta ani hehe.wala lang pamasahe ba kung naa lang hehe.

  28. Hello te WEng! Lagi ui. kaon napud ko ani bulad to the max" Yum yum... ug boy bawang ug chicharon, etc. kalami.

    Barato ra baya pamasahe tur och retur ate Weng... naa sa mga 7,500 SEK ra. Unta makauli pud ka uban imong family.




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